Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Condo Association provide insurance?

The Kingsbridge Condominiums purchased a package hazard insurance policy for all the building structures.  The insurance policy is charged to each owner based on your percentage of ownership in the entire property.  You will be billed in February for the following year’s coverage.  The deductible is $25,000.00 per occurrence/claim.  Owners must provide a basic HO6 interior coverage for personal contents and for the interior portions of the building’s structure that are individually owned (sheetrock, permanent fixtures etc.), interior liability and any other coverage unrelated to the physical building structure.

How much are the monthly condo association fees?

Your monthly condo fee is $290.00 per month and is payable on the first of the month in which is due.  A $25.00 late fee is added for payments received after the 20th of the month for which it is due.  Liens are placed on any condo delinquent 90 days or more.  You will not receive a billing statement for the following month.  A statement is sent only if your account is delinquent.

What does the monthly condo association fee cover?

Grounds Maintenance, Site Lights, Pool/Tennis Court Maintenance, Clubhouse, Maintenance, Common Area Utilities, Exterior Repairs (common elements), Trash, Management Fee, Legal/Accounting, Termite Contract, Yearly Fireplace Inspections.

Where are the mailboxes and how do I get a key?

Mailboxes are located in groupings at the end of various buildings.  Since the mailbox is private property, management does not have a key to assist you should you lose your key. You will need to contact the post office and pay for a lock change.


What are the approved Sherman Williams paint colors for doors/shutters?


Sandy Ridge SW 7535
Sundew SW 7688
Show Stopper SW 7588
Restful SW6458
Shamrock SW6454
Chateau Brown SW 7510
Egret White SW 7570
Bolero SW7600
Gale Force SW 7605
Deep Sea Dive SW 7618
Peppercorn SW 7674
Tri-corn Black SW6258